Das sprechende Konzert

Das sprechende Konzert – Stefan Alexander Rautenberg, Jeanine Krause


The Speaking Concert »The Thirteen Months«

in word, music and magic
Stefan Alexander Rautenberg
Jeanine Krause

The playful pairing of music and spoken word creates an atmosphere of beguiling and mesmerizing enchantment. The artists, Jeanine Krause and Stefan Alexander Rautenberg present Erich Kästner’s „The Thirteen Months” as a speaking concert.

Erich Kästner is a beloved poet and a master of the Germany language. His compositions have the artful simplicity of Robert Frost combined with a child-like nevertheless profound message.

Kästner brings each month to life with a poem. Jeanine interprets the character of each poem through carefully chosen music and instruments, improvising and drawing on the works from the Baroque, Classical and modern repertoire. Stefan Alexander speaks the vibrant and fantastic words of Kästner as a wizard of words and opens his magician’s box to the astonishment and delight of the audience.

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Süddeutsche Zeitung

Hofheimer Zeitung

I was so enthralled by Jeanine’s sensitive interpretations, originality, mellowness, and articulation. [She] captured so many different styles with the range and voice of so many instruments.[The] choice of musical accompaniments and Herr Rautenberg’s dramatic rendition of poetry transformed what would have been obscure into literature I could appreciate and enjoy.

A thoughtful and inspiring afternoon!
Thank you! What a beautiful, amazing program! Jeanine played so beautifully and Stefan was wonderful. I didn’t know those poems at all, but it was such a fun way to get to know them!

Photos: Michael von Haugwitz