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Oboe Reed Master Adam Shapiro Interview May 2020

An oboe reed is not a holy relic!

Adam Shapiro’s message is: Be brave!

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This interview is in preparation for season 1, session 4 of THE OBOE REED MASTER SERIES. In his sessions, David will explore the art of using a heated to “burn” the shaped cane onto the mandrel. The Oboe Reed Master is a 10-session series which is part of The Dynamic Reed maker, a three month- long intensive reed making training program for experienced reed makers. This master series is a fantastic new way to dive deep into the reed making questions that have always baffled you. The live and interactive sessions take place in the JK Double Reed Making Zoom Reed Room. Each Oboe Reed Master will be joining twice with at least a week between the two sessions. This gives you a chance to digest the topic and try things out so that you can return to the second session to share your own results, ask questions and dive even deeper into the topic. Find out more here.

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