Fulfilling needs and desires with “Heart Moments”

Enrollment, Encouragement, Awareness, Companionship and Empathy

Hands adjusting opening and tension of an oboe reed

Photo: Daria Khutoretskaya

What is the single most important characteristic you need and desire in an oboe reed?

For me a reed must have the proper opening and tension.

From the moment I fold the cane, I am already exploring ways to encourage the reed to cooperate with its opening and tension.  Without getting this right early on in my reed making process, the danger is huge that I will take off too much or too little cane. A piece of arundo donax has a mind of its own and if I am too forceful in imposing my will, it will break.

Yikes. Relationships are like this, too.

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Who is the Lucky One?

Hans Hermann Ziel playing oboe  


Hans Hermann Ziel : As luck would have it

I called Hans Hermann Ziel at his home in Brazil in the Fall of 2019 with the happy purpose of informing him that he was the lucky winner of the raffle he entered by filling out a survey I had conducted to collect information about the needs of double reed players with regard to their reed making journeys.

Little did I know that I was the lucky one! More than ever these days of social distancing, I appreciate the opportunity to meet someone who has a lifetime of experience, of joys, of overcoming adversity and with whom I also share so many values.

A profile of the richness of a randomly selected individual

When I pulled Hans Hermann’s name out of the virtual hat, I first thought nothing of it. After all, he was one of almost 600 participants in the survey about reed making for double reeds. However, when I returned to read his responses to the survey more carefully, I hesitated for a moment. Read more

Fine Adjustments

A recurring theme these days seems to be “attack”. Strangely, this topic is appearing both within our oboe reed making community and in world events.

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