JK Empowerment Triangle

Rest and vacation and a change of scenery are so healthy and necessary for oboists and reed makers. Finding your way back to the oboe reed desk can be a challenge.

I have a few templates here that might help, especially if you left a box of GOOD REEDS on your desk before your hiatus. (That is probably the most important rule! Only close up shop when you have GOOD REEDS.)

Rule Number 1: Always tuck your oboe away for a vacation or break with GOOD REEDS!

Here are a few tools you might find useful as you are establishing or getting back into your reed making routine.

  • The JK Empowerment Triangle (see above) with my most important priorities. Why does this help my reed making? Because I hold a clear vision of how I want to feel, how I want to sound and what I have to express at every stage of reed making.
  • PDF JK Reed Making Example Log Large Series    There are many ways to track reed making and depending on many factors, I’ll choose between them. The PDF attached here is one method I use especially when I am building in batches. For smaller batches (3-6) I will use this system in my Bullet Journal. For large batches (10-30) I will print out this template.
  • Oboe Reed Diagnostic Checklist PDF  This is a checklist inspired by both Frieder Uhlig and Jennet Ingle and I’ve adapted it to reflect my own personal priorities when preparing reeds. We all need the same things in our reeds. It is the nuances in how we prioritize the aspects that make us unique. Please use this a springboard for your unique reed making.

I have found that the best motivators to return to the reed desk (with gladness) are the promise of playing amazing literature with colleagues and friends you admire and enjoy. Having access to a Reed Room gathering on a regular basis also makes the reed desk more inviting. So get started now and reach out if I can help!

If you are an oboist living or dabbling in historical performance practice, be sure to check out this retreat which we hope to make a yearly event:

Happy Scraping!